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Aggregate mixing apparatus having spherical batch mixing vessel with jet pump to help load material and single pneumatic source to pressurize mixing vessel and drive jet pump

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7784994.

Mixing apparatus includes a batch mixing vessel with an inlet to receive constituent material, an agitation assembly for mixing the constituents and an outlet to convey batches of the mixed is provided. The apparatus includes a pressurizing device for pressurizing the vessel to assist in evacuation of the mix, and a conduit through which the mix is conveyed. A single pneumatic source is used both to pressurize the mixing vessel and to drive a jet pump including the batch loader. During the mixing cycle, the compressor used to discharge the finished mix is generally idle. This compressor can be used during these periods to drive a jet pump to load the mixing vessel. Therefore, manual loading is avoided and can be achieved such that the mixing cycle time is not interrupted.

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