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Graphical call-route scripting system and method

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7783030.

A method, system, and medium are provided for creating and modifying how communications requests are routed in a communications network. The method includes displaying a graphical user interface (GUI) that includes a canvas and a set of geometric shapes that correspond programmatic code segments. As geometric shapes are added to the canvas, code segments are automatically generated depending on the relationship ad arrangement of the shapes. The code segments form a call-routing script, which dictates how physical communications requests are routed. The system includes a route script execution engine (RSEE), a set of route scripts to be processed by the RSEE and to dictate call routing paths, and a graphical route-scripting interface (which includes an arrangement of graphical objects that correspond to a programmatic composition of the route scripts). The modified arrangement of the plurality of graphical objects translates to a modification of one or more of the route scripts, and thereby to a modification of one more call-routing paths.

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