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Patterning phase difference plate, production method for patterning phase difference plate, 2D/3D switching type liquid crystal display panel, and 2D/3D switching type liquid crystal display u

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #7773179.

First rubbing is performed on an entire surface of an alignment film provided on a substrate, and then a mask part for masking a first region and a region of an alignment mark is formed on the alignment film by using a resist layer. After performing second rubbing on the alignment film through the mask part, the mask part is removed, and a liquid crystal layer is formed on the alignment film. In this way, the alignment mark is formed as a region having an optical function different from an optical function of a region surrounding the alignment mark. Thus, it is possible to produce a substrate having an alignment mark formed without increasing processing steps at such a position as to contact the liquid crystal layer.

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