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Fluid-tight cable duct

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7772506.

The invention relates to a fluid-tight cable duct (1) which is used to guide a cable (2) into a chamber (3) which can be impinged upon by pressure, and which comprises a housing (4), at least one cable (2) and one first and one second seal (5a, 5b) which can be pressure-loaded. The two pressure-loaded seals (5a, 5b) and the housing (4) define an inner hollow chamber (4d), and the cable (2) enters into the inner hollow chamber (4d) via the first seal (5a), through which the inner hollow chamber (4d) extends, and exits the inner hollow chamber (4d) via the second seal (5b). The inner hollow chamber (4d) comprises a pressure discharge opening (4c) which leads into an outer chamber (6) which is located outside the chamber (3) which can be impinged upon by pressure.

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