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Inverted airfoil pylon for an aircraft

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #7770841.

An aircraft including a wing and a pylon, wherein the pylon provides an airfoil inverted for an airfoil of the wing, and an improvement and method for improved flight dynamics for 20 and 30 Series LEARJET.RTM. is provided. The improvement includes an increased distance between a leading edge of a wing and an intake of an engine of the aircraft, which reduces drag and increases lift for improved flight dynamics of the aircraft. The inverted airfoil of the pylon negates an influence of the pylon on flight dynamics for improved overall flight dynamics of the aircraft. The method includes steps of removing an original engine from an original pylon, removing the original pylon from the fuselage of the aircraft, and mounting a new pylon in a new location adjacent to the fuselage, wherein the new location is aft of the original location.

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