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Low complexity precoding matrix selection

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #7769098.

A method of determining indices for matrix codewords in a matrix codeword codebook. The matrix codewords are adapted for communicating information between a transmitter and a receiver. The method includes retrieving from temporary storage, an eigenmode representation for a communications channel, where the eigenmode representation is based upon on a received signal precoded by a first matrix codeword. The method also includes performing a test on multiple vector codewords to identify a first vector codeword among the multiple vector codewords, where the test includes determining a relationship between the first vector codeword and the representation of an eigenmode. The first vector codeword is associated with a first vector codeword index that identifies the first vector codeword. The method also includes generating a matrix codeword index associated with a second matrix codeword in the matrix codeword codebook. The matrix codeword index is based upon the first vector codeword index, and the order of the first vector codeword is different from the order of the second matrix codeword.

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