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Lighting device for a high-pressure discharge lamp and lighting equipment employing same

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7759878.

A lighting device for lighting a high-pressure discharge lamp 2 having an outer tube, an interior of which is substantially under vacuum. The lighting device includes a ballast 3 having at least a current limiting element and a high-voltage pulse generating circuit 4 for generating a high-voltage pulse, and also includes a lighting discriminating means 8 for discriminating between lighting and non-lighting of the discharge lamp 2, a timer circuit 9 for setting a predetermined period of time, and a pulse-stop control means 10 for stopping generation of the high-voltage pulse. When the lighting discriminating means 8 discriminates non-lighting after lighting has been discriminated, generation of the high-voltage pulse is stopped within the predetermined period of time set by the timer circuit 9.

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