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Ear-a-round equipment platform for animals

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7753007.

One or more mechanical, electrical or chemical application devices, chemical agents, and/or identification information may be carried by an apparatus worn on the heads of animals. The apparatus comprises a first 3-dimensional loop-shaped member having first and second opposed inner and outer surfaces, a third outer surface extending between the first and second surfaces, and an interior opening extending therethrough from the first surface to the second surface. The loop-shaped member is of a size sufficient to fit over one ear or horn of the animal with the animal's ear or horn protruding through the opening, the first inner surface facing the head of the animal, and the second outer surface facing away from the head of the animal. The loop-shaped members may be worn by a subject animal individually or in pairs, with one member over each ear or horn, in accordance with the desired application, and a variety of mechanical, electrical or chemical application devices, chemical agents, and/or identification information may be incorporated into or onto the member, or attached thereto, either directly or indirectly.

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