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Designating, setting and discovering parameters for spreadsheet documents

Image Number 16 for United States Patent #7752536.

For standalone spreadsheet applications and/or Web-based spreadsheet services, the ability to designate, discover and set parameters for spreadsheet documents is provided. When creating a spreadsheet document, the ability to designate certain cells or ranges of cells as parameters to a spreadsheet is enabled. Furthermore, whether viewed in a standalone spreadsheet application or via a Web service, the ability to discover these parameters through the user interface or object model is provided. The ability to set or change these parameters one at a time or in bulk and drive the changes into the calculation model is also provided. Accordingly, whether viewed in a standalone spreadsheet application or via a Web rendering service, the effect of the parameters entered by the user can be calculated and viewed at once. The ability to suspend recalculation of a workbook until all relevant values, such as a current set of parameters, are obtained is also enabled.

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