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Expandable intervertebral implant and associated instrumentation

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7749270.

An expandable intervertebral implant including an implant body transitionable between initial and expanded configurations, and having first and second axial walls spaced apart along a transverse axis with at least one of the walls defining a recessed region when the implant body is in the initial configuration. An expansion member co-acts with the axial wall to transition the implant body to the expanded configuration wherein the recessed region is outwardly expanded generally along the transverse axis. In another embodiment, the expansion member includes a first portion displaced along an axially extending slot formed in one of the walls, and a second portion displaced between the walls to transition the implant body to the expanded configuration. In a further embodiment, the first portion of the expansion member defines a passage extending therethrough having an inner transverse dimension sized larger than an outer transverse dimension of the second portion.

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