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Vertical conveyor in a commissioning system for vertically conveying goods that are to be transported

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #7748519.

A vertical conveyor (1) is provided in a commissioning system for vertically conveying piece good-type conveying materials of a commissioning order from an upper transfer point (2) to a lower transfer point (3) of the commissioning system. The conveyor includes a vertically oriented receiving device which supports the conveying materials and is open towards the bottom. The receiving device is provided through which conveying material that has been accommodated in the open state falls down into a closest bottom vertically oriented receiving device and/or onto the lower transfer point (3). The receiving device is embodied in the form of a tray or shell between the transfer points (2, 3). The shell can be opened on the bottom side and encompasses two vertical tilting walls (9, 9') that face each other and can be opened on the bottom side or two horizontal slides (25, 25') which face each other and can be opened on the bottom side as an opening mouth. The two pivotable vertical tilting walls (9, 9'), whose swivel pins can be vertically adjusted in vertical guide rails (12, 13), or the two horizontal slides (25, 25') are laterally guided in horizontal guide rails (11 or 26) in the area of the opening mouth of the tray (4, 4') located on the bottom side.

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