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Methods, systems, and programming for producing and displaying subpixel-optimized images and digital content including such images

Image Number 19 for United States Patent #7737993.

Methods, systems, and programming for producing and displaying a scaled-down representation of subpixel-optimized images and digital content including such images that is represented by a mark-up language. Some embodiments display the text in such digital content using a different subpixel optimization than that used for the images. Others produce the subpixel-optimized images by calculating the luminosity of a subpixel as a function of the length of a plurality of coverage lines within a window in a source image corresponding to the subpixel that is covered by source image pixels having the subpixel's color. Some embodiments calculate the luminosity of a subpixel in such a subpixel-optimized image as a function both of the average luminosity of pixels in the subpixel's source image window and as a function of any color balancing distribution between resulting subpixel luminosities necessary to reduce color imbalance.

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