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Dry powder inhalation system for transpulmonary administration

Image Number 15 for United States Patent #7735485.

A dry powder inhalation system suitable for transpulmonary administration. The dry powder inhalation system is characterized by using a combination of: (1) a vessel housing a freeze-dried composition prepared by freeze-drying a composition liquid containing ingredients in a non-dissolved form, and has: (i) a non-powder cake-like form, (ii) a disintegration index of 0.05 or more, and (iii) a property of becoming fine particles having a mean particle diameter (mass median aerodynamic diameter) of 10 microns or less or a fine particle fraction of 10% or more upon receipt of an air impact having an air speed of at least 1 m/sec and an air flow rate of at least 17 ml/sec; and (2) a device comprising a member capable of applying the air impact to the freeze-dried composition in said vessel, and a member for discharging the powder-form freeze-dried composition that has been made into fine particles.

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