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Method for hot-filling a thin-walled container

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7735300.

A process for hot filling a container with a sterilized liquid, generally at a temperature that is between 60 to C. An embodiment of the process includes (a) providing a container that is made of a polymer and following a process that can make it able to withstand the hot filling of said liquid; (b) filling the container with said hot liquid; (c) closing the filled container immediately after filling; (d) allowing the container to cool at least below a transition temperature that is on the order of from C. to C. and forming a depression inside the container, resulting in visible deformation; and (e) heating the container to bring about a relief of the residual stresses, whereby this relief leads to a shrinkage and consecutively generates an internal pressurization that compensates for at least the deformation undergone by the effects of the depression of stage (d).

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