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Pants with attached skirt

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7735155.

A pair of pants with attached skirt has first and second leg portions. Each of the leg portions has an inner side and an outer side. An abdominal portion has an upper end and a lower end and connects to the leg portions at the lower end. The abdominal portion has a waistband at the upper end. A skirt attaches to the waistband. When the pair of pants with attached skirt is worn, the skirt will cover a wearer's buttocks and thus provide modesty for the wearer. The skirt may surround the entire abdominal portion or may surround only the front or rear section of the abdominal portion. The skirt may be permanently or removably attached to the pants. The skirt may be formed at the rear as a pair of flaps meeting at a center point on the waistband.

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