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Probabilistic boosting tree framework for learning discriminative models

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7702596.

A probabilistic boosting tree framework for computing two-class and multi-class discriminative models is disclosed. In the learning stage, the probabilistic boosting tree (PBT) automatically constructs a tree in which each node combines a number of weak classifiers (e.g., evidence, knowledge) into a strong classifier or conditional posterior probability. The PBT approaches the target posterior distribution by data augmentation (e.g., tree expansion) through a divide-and-conquer strategy. In the testing stage, the conditional probability is computed at each tree node based on the learned classifier which guides the probability propagation in its sub-trees. The top node of the tree therefore outputs the overall posterior probability by integrating the probabilities gathered from its sub-trees. In the training stage, a tree is recursively constructed in which each tree node is a strong classifier. The input training set is divided into two new sets, left and right ones, according to the learned classifier. Each set is then used to train the left and right sub-trees recursively.

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