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Method of forming a silicon layer and method of manufacturing a display substrate by using the same

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7696091.

A method of manufacturing a silicon layer includes pretreating a surface of a silicon nitride layer formed on a substrate through a plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition method using a first reaction gas including at least one of silicone tetrafluoride (SiF.sub.4) gas, a nitrogen trifluoride (NF.sub.3) gas, SiF.sub.4--H.sub.2 gas and a mixture thereof. Then, a silicon layer is formed on the pretreated silicon nitride layer through the plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition method using a second reaction gas including a mixture of gas including silicon tetrafluoride (SiF.sub.4), hydrogen (H.sub.2) and argon (Ar).

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