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Image display system, image processing system, and video game system

Image Number 19 for United States Patent #7690975.

According to a function 188 which stores in the first memory for difference, pickup image data from CCD camera 42 based on a predetermined timing, a function 190 which stores in the second memory for difference, pickup image data from CCD camera 42 based on another timing, a function 192 which obtains a difference between the pickup image data stored in the first memory for difference 24 and the pickup image data stored in the second memory for difference 26, a function 194 for specifying an image having moved based on the data as a difference, a function 196 which determines whether or not the image having moved is touching the character image, and a function 200 which increases a value of parameters such as experiential value, physical energy, and offensive power, when it is determined that the image having moved comes into contact with the character image, it is possible to expand a range of card game used to be played only in a real space up to a virtual space, and offer a new game which merges the card game and video game.

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