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Single-ended input to differential-ended output low noise amplifier

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7688146.

A single-ended input to differential-ended output amplifier circuit comprises an amplifier for amplifying an input signal into an amplified signal comprises an input for receiving the input signal; and a first input and a single-ended input to differential-ended output conversion circuit to convert the amplified signal to a differential signal pair, comprising a first transistor for receiving the amplified signal having a first gate coupled to the first output, a first first terminal coupled to a second output, and a first second terminal coupled to a first node; a second transistor having a second gate, a second first terminal coupled to a third input, and a second second terminal coupled to the first node; a second capacitor coupled between the second output and the second gate; a first and a second resistors and the voltage source; and a current source coupled between the first node and a ground.

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