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Dual bimorph synthetic pulsator

Image Number 16 for United States Patent #7686257.

The present invention provides a system and method for actively manipulating fluid flow over a surface using synthetic pulsators. Synthetic pulsators produce pulsed jet operable to manipulate the primary fluid flow proximate to the synthetic pulsator. The synthetic pulsator includes a synthetic jet actuator(s) operable to produce an oscillatory flow, and fluidic jet(s) operable to provide a continuous fluid flow. The oscillatory flow of the synthetic jet(s) and the continuous fluid flow of the fluidic jet(s) combine or mix to produce the pulsed jet operable to manipulate the primary fluid flow. These synthetic pulsators may then be actively manipulated to control the flow behavior of the ducted fluid flow, influence the inception point and trajectory of flow field vortices within the fluid flow, and reduce flow separation within the primary fluid flow.

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