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Wireless frequency power amplifier, semiconductor device, and wireless frequency power amplification method

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #7683712.

A differential amplifier circuit is connected to the input node and the output node of the final amplification stage through detection circuits. The signal level difference output from the differential amplifier circuit does not change even if the input power varies. Because a change in the power gain at the output node does not travel back to the input node when the load impedance of the wireless frequency power amplifier varies, it is possible to detect only the change in the load impedance. Damage to the final stage can be prevented by controlling the operating current of the final stage and the gain of the drive stage according to the detected load variation. Nonlinear distortion in the wireless frequency power amplifier output can also be reduced by detecting and canceling the change in the gain of the drive stage by changing the gain of the adjustment stage.

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