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Method of providing an improved call forwarding service

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7680261.

The invention concerns a method of providing an improved call forwarding service in a telecommunications network, and a network unit and a computer program product to execute this method. A call initiated by a caller (10) to a first callee (21) is consecutively forwarded, starting from the first callee (21), to one or more further interlinked callees (22, 23), thereby forming a call forwarding chain (401, 402). A set of data is added to the call, the data comprising an identifier of each of the callees (21, 22, 23) involved in the call forwarding chain (401, 402) and an address associated with a respective message memory (210, 220, 230) assigned to each of the callees (21, 22, 23) involved in the call forwarding chain (401, 402). When the call is forwarded to the message memory (230) assigned to a last callee (23) of the call forwarding chain (401, 402), the caller (10) is prompted to provide a message to be stored in one or more of the message memories (210, 220, 230). From the set of data one or more of the addresses associated with the message memories (210, 220, 230) are retrieved. And the message received from the caller (10) is delivered to one or more of the message memories (210, 220, 230) by routing the message to the retrieved one or more addresses.

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