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Display device

Image Number 17 for United States Patent #7679922.

A display device is arranged such that a voice device is laminated on a liquid crystal panel so as to be confined in a planar area of the liquid crystal panel, and a voice-system circuit block which drives the voice device is formed on the thin film substrate of the liquid crystal panel. A signal is inputted into the voice-system circuit block through an FPC which is connected to the thin film substrate and which inputs a video signal, and the signal processed at the voice-system circuit block is conducted through the FPC. A connecting terminal part is provided in a middle portion of the FPC and adhered to an FPC. One end of the FPC is connected to the voice device. In this way, a multifunctional display device can be achieved at low cost by efficiently using a limited space around the display element without sacrificing the advantages of a lightweight and thin-shaped flat display device.

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