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Curved surface shape inspection method, fiber optical block, and curved surface shape inspection device

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #7679734.

In a fiber optic block 10 formed by bundling and integrating a plurality of optical fibers 11 each composed of a core region 12 and a clad region 13, an at least partially curved input end face 14 composed of one end of each optical fiber and a measurement surface having a curved surface shape of a to-be-measured object are pressed against each other. Then, an optical image formed by bringing the input end face into contact with the measurement surface and output from an output end face 15 of the fiber optic block is used to inspect the curved surface shape of the to-be-measured object. This allows a curved surface shape inspection method capable of inspecting the shape of a curved surface easily, a fiber optic block, and a curved surface shape inspection apparatus to be achieved.

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