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Method for amplifying genomic DNA

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #7678543.

A method for amplifying genomic DNA is provided. The method comprises the steps of: (1) incubating a cell-containing agarose solution at a pH of 9 to 12 and a temperature of 45 to C. to produce a genomic DNA-dispersed agarose solution wherein 0.002 to 1 copies/5 microliter of single-stranded genomic DNA is dispersed; (2) solidifying the genomic DNA-dispersed agarose solution to produce a genomic DNA-dispersed agarose gel and neutralizing a pH of the gel; and (3) adding a DNA polymerase with strand displacement activity, primer and dNTP to the genomic DNA-dispersed agarose gel and incubating the gel at a temperature of 0 to C. to amplify the genomic DNA.

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