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Seismic exploration and imaging system for producing survey reports of subsea geological structures

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7660188.

The present invention provides a seismic exploration and imaging system for producing seismic survey reports of subsea geological structures. The exploration system provides a method in which both P-waves and S-waves are detected without the need for placing detection apparatus in contact the seabed. A seismic event is applied (12) to the earth's surface (13), and the detected response including P-waves and S-waves in the earth's. The detecting apparatus comprises a means for monitoring and recording the response to the seismic event in the form of movements of particles at the earth's surface, from a position spaced from the earth's surface. Particles at the surface will respond both to P-wave and S-wave stimulation and so their movements will be representative of the two waves. These movements are detected from a distance.

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