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Plasma display device

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7659668.

A plasma display device having a panel main body in which a pair of transparent substrates is arranged in opposition so as to form a discharge space between the substrates on at least a front side, barrier ribs are arranged on at least one of the substrates to divide the discharge space into a plurality of spaces, a group of electrodes is arranged on the substrates so as to generate discharge in the discharge space divided with the barrier ribs, and phosphor layers that emit by discharge are provided, in which the phosphor layers are equipped with a green phosphor layer including at least a mixture of Zn.sub.2SiO.sub.4:Mn and (Y, Gd)BO.sub.3:Tb, the surface of the Zn.sub.2SiO.sub.4:Mn is coated with magnesium oxide, and the ratio of the Mg element to the Si element on the surface measured with an XPS apparatus is 0.7 to 6.0.

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