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Method of manufacturing ball array devices using an inspection apparatus having two or more cameras and ball array devices produced according to the method

Image Number 14 for United States Patent #7653237.

A calibration and part inspection method for the inspection of ball grid array, BGA, devices. Two cameras image a precision pattern mask with dot patterns deposited on a transparent reticle. The precision pattern mask is used for calibration of the system. A light source and overhead light reflective diffuser provide illumination. A first camera images the reticle precision pattern mask from directly below. An additional mirror or prism located below the bottom plane of the reticle reflects the reticle pattern mask from a side view, through prisms or reflective surfaces, into a second camera and a second additional mirror or prism located below the bottom plane of the reticle reflects the opposite side view of the reticle pattern mask through prisms or mirrors into a second camera. By imaging more than one dot pattern the missing state values of the system can be resolved using a trigonometric solution. The reticle with the pattern mask is removed after calibration and the BGA to be inspected is placed with the balls facing downward, in such a manner as to be imaged by the two cameras. The scene of the part can thus be triangulated and the dimensions of the BGA are determined.

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