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Tamper-indicating closure, container, package, and methods of manufacture

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #7645414.

A tamper-indicating closure for a beverage package includes a base wall having a peripheral skirt with at least one internal thread for securing the closure to a container. A tamper-indicating band is frangibly connected to an edge of the skirt, and a stop flange extends axially and radially from an edge of the band for abutment with a stop bead on the container finish. A plurality of circumferentially spaced drain openings extend axially through the juncture of the band and the flange. A plurality of circumferentially spaced channels extend axially through the internal thread on the closure skirt, with at least some of the channels being axially aligned with the drain openings. The stop bead on the container is in the form of a plurality of circumferentially spaced bead segments separated from each other by circumferential gaps. Liquid product may readily drain from between the container finish and the closure skirt through the axial channels in the closure thread, through the drain openings at the juncture of the closure flange and band, and through the gaps between the stop bead segments on the container finish. The container finish may also have a support flange with drain channels or slots aligned with the gaps in the bead.

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