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Cellular communication terminals and methods that sense terminal movement for cursor control

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7643850.

A cellular communication terminal is configured to function as a mouse for a proximately located computer. The cellular communication terminal includes a cellular transceiver, a communication interface, an accelerometer, and a controller. The cellular transceiver is configured to communicate over a wireless cellular interface with a cellular network. The communication interface is configured to be communicatively coupled to the proximately located computer. The accelerometer is configured to generate acceleration information that is indicative of movement of the terminal. The controller is configured to communicate through the cellular transceiver with the cellular network according to a cellular communication protocol, and to selectively operate in a mouse mode during which the controller generates terminal movement information based on the acceleration information from the accelerometer and communicates the terminal movement information through the communication interface to the proximately located computer. The communication interface may be a short-range wireless communication transceiver and/or a wired interface, such as a USB interface. Related terminals and methods are disclosed for using the terminal to provide mouse type functions for a user application in the terminal and/or an application on a remotely located communication device.

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