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Drive chain or belt brush cleaner and method

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #7641042.

An inverted coil brush assembly is particularly useful for the cleaning of a chain or belt and the like as a hand tool or part of an apparatus through which the chain or belt moves. The inverted coil brush assembly has an open coil structure with a long lead and can easily be threaded on and removed from a belt or chain. The tool is sufficiently flexible that the axial hole (ID) through its center can be enlarged or contracted by axial elongation or compression of the tool. The tool and its method of application and use enable it to be used as a hand tool or as a component in a transmission for example. It may be adjusted manually or automatically. The tool preferably has a lead or space between adjacent coils of from about 1/4 to 2 times or more the outside diameter (OD) of the coil. The OD to ID ratio may vary from our 2:1 to about 7:1. A preferred ratio is about 3:1.

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