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Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7633133.

This invention provides a semiconductor device that solves a problem that a pattern of a wiring formed on a back surface of a semiconductor substrate is reflected on an output image. A light receiving element (e.g. a CCD, an infrared ray sensor, a CMOS sensor, or an illumination sensor) is formed on a front surface of a semiconductor substrate, and a plurality of ball-shaped conductive terminals is disposed on a back surface of the semiconductor substrate. Each of the conductive terminals is electrically connected to a pad electrode on the front surface of the semiconductor substrate through a wiring layer. The wiring layer and the conductive terminal are formed on the back surface of the semiconductor substrate except in a region overlapping the light receiving element in a vertical direction, and are not disposed in a region overlapping the light receiving element.

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