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Generating database schemas for relational and markup language data from a conceptual model

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #7630993.

A method, information processing system, and computer readable medium for generating a plurality of candidate database schemas including relational and mark-up language elements. An information model comprising a plurality of entities and at least one relationship defined there between is received. The information model has been annotated with at least one semantic characteristic, operational characteristic, and evolutional characteristic. The information model that has been annotated is analyzed. A score is associated with each entity based at least in part on attributes associated with each entity. Each entity is classified as one of a relational element and a mark-up language element. The information model that has been annotated is partitioned into a plurality of relational element mappings and a plurality of mark-up language element mappings. A plurality of database schemas associated with the information model that has been annotated is generated.

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