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Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7629178.

An analytical test device incorporating a dry porous carrier to which a liquid sample, eg. urine, suspected of containing an analyte such as HCG or LH can be applied indirectly, the device also incorporating a labelled specific binding reagent which is freely mobile in the porous carrier when in the moist state, and an unlabelled specific binding reagent which is permanently immobilized in a detection zone on the carrier material, the labelled and unlabelled specific binding reagents being capable of participating in either a sandwich reaction or a competition reacts on in the presence of the analyte, in which prior to the application to the device of a liquid sample suspected of containing the analyte, the labelled specific binding reagent is retained in the dry state in a macroporous body, eg. of plastics material having a pore size of 10 microns or greater, through which the applied liquid sample must pass en route to the porous carrier material, the labelled specific binding reagent being freely soluble or dispersible in any liquid sample which enters the macroporous body.

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