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Optical disk restoration apparatus

Image Number 14 for United States Patent #7625263.

The present invention intends to provide an optical disk restoration apparatus that is simple structured and small sized to reduce the production cost, and that can evenly apply a substantially uniform pressing force. This object can be achieved by an optical disk restoration apparatus, including a turntable 41 on which an optical disk 10 is set via a non-slip sheet 45, a polishing body holder 47 for holding a polishing body 46, a pressing mechanism for pressing the polishing body 46 and the optical disk 10 onto each other with a predetermined pressure required for the polishing process, and a motor 48 for rotating at least the polishing holder 47 and the polishing body 46 to polish the surface of the optical disk 10, where the surface of the turntable 41 and/or the sheet 45 is provided with at least one of an inclined, step-like or curved profile.

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