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CMC vane insulator and method of use

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #7625170.

A method for assembling a gas or steam turbine is provided. The method includes providing an insulator and positioning the insulator between a vane support and a vane such that the insulator facilitates preventing hot gas migration into the vane, and such that during operation, hot gas is channeled from a high pressure side of the vane to a low pressure side of the vane. A vane assembly for a turbine rotor assembly is also provided. The vane assembly includes a vane support and an insulator including a projecting portion. The assembly also includes a vane. The insulator is coupled to the vane support such that the projecting portion is between the vane and a nozzle support strut to facilitate hot gas flow from a pressure side of the projecting portion to a suction side of the projecting portion.

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