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Disposable pant type absorbent article having improved multifold fastening system and method of making same

Image Number 15 for United States Patent #7621901.

An absorbent article is provided having a back waist portion with a fibrous outer surface and two lateral ends, a front waist portion with a fibrous outer surface and two lateral ends adjacent the lateral ends of the back waist portion, two prefolded nonwoven connectors each connecting two adjacent ends of the back waist portion and the front waist portion, and a hook fastener prefastened to one of said nonwoven connectors such that the prefastened hook is pre-engaged with the outer fibrous surface of the front waist region. Each nonwoven connector may be folded n times wherein n is an integer of front 2 to 30. The front and back lateral edges may be folded over the top surface of said article, and secured in place by a securement means.

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