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Apparatus for the manufacture of corrugated board

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7617856.

An apparatus for the manufacture of corrugated board has a housing, in which the following are accommodated: a corrugating roller unit for the production of a corrugated web out of a material web, comprising corrugating rollers adjacent to each other, a gluing device for applying glue to the corrugated web and a pressing device for pressing the corrugated web, to which glue has been applied, to a liner. Outside the housing, a corrugating roller unit loader is arranged with a plurality of corrugating roller unit holders. These each serve to accommodate one corrugating roller unit. The corrugating roller unit loader is displaceable with respect to the housing and guided between loader positions such that in each of the loader positions, a loader guiding portion of one of the corrugating roller unit holders aligns with a housing guiding portion to move a corrugating roller unit, which is accommodated in the corrugating roller unit holder, between a loader holding position and a housing operating position. This results in a manufacturing apparatus in which a plurality of corrugating roller units can be provided at a low cost.

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