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Flow control redistribution to mitigate high cycle fatigue

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7617670.

A method operable to improve pressure recovery and/or distortion within engine inlet is disclosed. A first fluid flow is provided to primary jet vortex generator(s) operable to inject fluid at a first injection rate into a boundary layer of a primary fluid flow within the inlet. A secondary fluid flow is injected by secondary jet vortex generator(s) at a second injection rate into the boundary layer of the primary fluid flow, The fluid injected at the first injection rate and second injection rate is operable to induce secondary flow structures within the boundary layer. These secondary close structures are then operable to improve or manipulate the pressure recovery of the inlet. At specific engine conditions, this method may redistribute the ratio of the first injection rate and second injection rate in order to improve pressure recovery and/or distortion of the inlet when the particular engine conditions.

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