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Secure peer-to-peer cache sharing

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #7617322.

A system, apparatus, method, and computer-readable medium are provided for secure P2P caching. In one method, a requesting peer obtains a hash of requested data from a server. The requesting peer then transmits a request for the data to other peers. The request proves that the requesting peer has the hash. If a caching peer has the data, it generates a reply to the request that proves that it has the requested data. If the requesting peer receives a reply from a caching peer, the requesting peer establishes a connection to the caching peer and retrieves the data from the caching peer. If the requesting peer does not receive a reply to the request from any other peer, the requesting peer establishes a connection to the server and retrieves the data from the server. The requesting peer stores the data for use in responding to requests from other peers.

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