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Dynamic database reordering system

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7610194.

A dynamic database reordering system provides a linguistics database that contains words that are ordered according to a linguistics model that dictates the order in which words are presented to a user. While a user enters keystrokes on a keypad of a communications device is pressing keys, the invention predicts the words, letters, numbers, or word stubs that the user is trying to enter. The invention reorders the linguistics model order based on the user's usage of the system by tracking the user's word selections. Once a word has been selected as a result of a next key selection (the nexted word), a frequency value is applied to the selected word and the word ordered first by the linguistics model in the linguistics database for that key sequence. The frequency value of the nexted word will become greater than the frequency value of the first displayed word upon repeated nexting to the same word. Subsequent user entries of the key sequence for the nexted word and the first ordered word will result in displaying the nexted word before the word ordered first by the linguistics model.

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