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Portable furniture combination and carrier

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #7600275.

A portable furniture combination and carrier comprising a shell having a back wall, a bottom, a first fixed side and a second fixed side, and a flexible base having a first wing detachably connectable to the first fixed side and hingedly connectable to the base and capable of standing perpendicular to the base. A second wing is detachably connectable to the second fixed side, and hingedly connectable to the base and capable of standing vertically, and an elongated bottom wing hingedly connected to the base at its end opposite the back wall, the bottom wing foldable to create a foot box and a top cover attachably connectable to the wings to form a box for holding a mattress. Alternatively, the combination comprises a chair having a footrest formed by folding the base, and a backrest formed by folding a top flap upwards from the interior of the shell.

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