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Method and system for transmitting N-bit video data over a serial link

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #7599439.

A system including a receiver, a TMDS link (or other serial link), and a transmitter configured to transmit K-bit video words (typically, encoded 8-bit video words) over the link. In typical embodiments, the transmitter is configured to pack a sequence of N-bit video words, where N.noteq.K (e.g., N=10, 12, or 16, when K=8) into a sequence of K-bit fragments, encode the fragments, and transmit the encoded fragments. The transmitted data are indicative of a sequence of M-fragment groups, and the transmitter is typically configured also to transmit over the link packing phase data indicative of the phase of the most recently transmitted fragment. Other aspects are transmitters and receivers for use in such a system and methods implemented by any such transmitter, receiver, or system.

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