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System and method of altering a PWM carrier power spectrum

Image Number 16 for United States Patent #7598895.

In a particular embodiment, a circuit device includes an input to receive a pulse-width modulated (PWM) signal and an output to send a modulated PWM signal. The circuit device further includes a pulse edge control circuit coupled between the input and the output. The pulse edge control circuit receives the PWM signal via the input and includes a control input to receive a modulation control signal. The pulse edge control circuit is adapted to modify the PWM signal to provide the modulated PWM signal with suppressed carrier power and associated harmonics to the output based on the modulation control signal. The circuit device further includes a modulation sequence controller adapted to provide the modulation control signal via the control input. The modulation control signal selectively controls a sequence of the modification of the PWM signal to selectively alter an output power spectrum of the modulated PWM signal.

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