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Implantation of implantable medical device

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #7596399.

In general, the invention is directed to strategies pertaining to implantation of an implantable medical device between a scalp and a skull of the patient. The invention pertains to collection of data such as data pertaining to the skull of the patient, the scalp of the patient, the vascular structure or neurological structures in the head of the patient, and the like. The data may be in the form of images, such as images generated by X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging, CT-scan and fluoroscopy. A surgeon can use the collected data to determine, for example, whether the patient is a candidate for a cranial implantation, whether the patient's skull and scalp can support the implantation, what configuration of device should be implanted, where the device should be implanted, and how the surgical incisions should be made.

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