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Ink jet printhead and relative manufacturing process

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #7595004.

The chambers (42) and each corresponding ink feeding duct (56), made in a structural layer of photosensitive resin (38), are delimited by a flat bottom wall (36) made of a protective layer (34, 36) of tantalum and gold and an upper wall (44), consisting of a substantially concave surface, including at least one ejection nozzle (46) and joined to the bottom wall along a continuous perimetral line (52), in which the inner shape of each of the chambers (42) and of each of the feeding ducts (56) represents the complementary impression of the outer form of a sacrificial layer (57), obtained from a controlled and non-contained growth of a metal, deposited starting from the dimensions of the layer of gold (36), laid on top of the layer of tantalum (34).

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