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Device and method for position information

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #7589670.

A device for position information, the device comprising: a satellite position measuring device with an energy-consuming measuring mode in which the measuring device supplies the current position (pos) of the device to an output, and an energy-saving idle mode; and a mobile radio network communication device which is connected to the output and used to send the position (pos) via a cellular mobile radio network. The communication device supplies the local reception field intensity (|E|) and the local cell characteristic (cell) of the mobile radio network to an interface. The device is characterized by a control device which is connected to the output of the position measuring device and the interface of the communication device, the control device switching the position measuring device into the measuring mode in the event of a variation of the reception field intensity (E) exceeding a threshold value (S), or in the event of a variation of the cell characteristic (cell), and if the position (pos) remains the same over a pre-determined time span (T), the control device switches the position measuring device into the idle mode.

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