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Method of transmitting paging indicator and notification indicator and corresponding modulation and demodulation devices

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #7583702.

The present invention discloses a method of transmitting a first signal and a second signal in a wideband code-division multiple access network, wherein a probability of the appearance of signal bit "1" or "0" in each signal of the first signal and the second signal is remarkably higher than a probability of the appearance of "0" or "1", the method including: a step of determining constellation points, for determining combinations of different states of the first signal and the second signal and for determining each combination as a constellation point; a step of determining locations of constellation points, for determining a location of each constellation point on I-Q plane based on a priori knowledge of said combination; and a step of transmission, for, after modulating said different combinations in different ways according to the location of each constellation point, transporting them to a user equipment via a physical channel. Through joint modulation on the paging indicator and the notification indicator, the transmission method according to the present invention significantly reduces power consumption.

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