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Display driver converting ki bits gray-scale data to converted gray-scale data of J bits, electro-optical device and gamma correction method

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #7580021.

A data driver includes gamma correction circuits for first to p-th color components for first to p-th (p is an integer equal to or more than two) color components constituting one pixel, a gamma correction circuit for an i-th (1.ltoreq.i.ltoreq.p, i is an integer) color component converting ki-bit (k1 to kp are integers) gray-scale data to converted gray-scale data of j (j>ki, j is an integer equal to or more than two) bits; a voltage selection circuit which outputs a data voltage corresponding to the converted gray-scale data of each color component among reference voltages of 2.sup.j types; and a driving circuit which drives the data lines based on a data voltage of each color component. The gamma correction circuit for an i-th color component generates the converted gray-scale data of j bits so that one of the reference voltages of 2.sup.j types to which ki bit gray-scale data becomes allocated is the data voltage.

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