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Cell penetrating peptides for intracellular delivery of molecules

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #7579318.

The present invention concerns cell-penetrating peptides which comprise an amino acid sequence consisting of GLX.sub.9WRAX.sub.9WRX.sub.1LX.sub.2RSLX.sub.9WX.sub.3X.sub.4X.sub.5X.sub- .6X.sub.7X.sub.8 (SEQ ID No: 1), wherein X.sub.1 is A, L or G, X.sub.2 is W or none, X.sub.3 is R or K, X.sub.4 is K, L or S, X.sub.5 is L or K, X.sub.6 is R or W, X.sub.7 is K or S, and X.sub.8 is A, V or Q, and X.sub.9 is W, F or Y. These CPPs can be used as vectors for delivering nucleic acids and/or proteins and/or peptides to cells, in vitro or in vivo.

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